Employee Spotlight – Stacey Maczulis 

Originally part of the Ohio Real Title team in Cleveland, Ohio, Stacey Maczulis is now a Sales and Marketing Executive for its Naples, Florida location, Venture Title Services. In this role, Stacey focuses on building and maintaining client relationships by providing the “BEST customer service” and educating clients on how to utilize marketing tools to help their business. 

On why she decided to make the move to Naples, Stacey says,”I wanted to see how other markets work in different states. I also wanted to challenge myself to a bigger market and a bigger area.” Of course, the sunny Florida weather probably didn’t hurt either. 

A big benefit of the move, Stacey stresses, however, is that she is able to work with the same company and staff as she did when she was located in Cleveland. 

We recently had the opportunity to talk with Stacey Maczulis about her work, as well as her life outside of Venture Title Services.

Stacey Maczulis infographic.

How do the VTS and ORT teams support each other? 

VTS and ORT support each other like a well-oiled machine. We have found what works through the years and with having the process and systems down, we are able to succeed and grow. Super cool to see!

What is your favorite thing about living in Naples? 

Everything. It is such a beautiful area with beaches and sunshine daily but also great restaurants. The people here are also very friendly.

Regarding title insurance, are things much different in Florida than in Ohio?

The only difference is what party pays for it. In most counties, the buyer pays the cost, but in Collier County which is where Naples is, the seller pays for it.

Tell us about your family and did anyone move to Naples with you?

I came solo. I do have a handful of friends that are here already but not many. I also have a family place in Fort Lauderdale which is not too far away. I have always loved the South Florida vibes so it was an easy decision for me!

How do you like to spend your time outside of the office? 

Beaches, surfing, working out, and just being active!

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This place is an amazing place to get your home titles done. This was my first time buying a house and the ladies there are fantastic. They explained everything I needed and answered all questions I asked.

Mike S.



This company went above and beyond to help rectify an issue that came up after closing.

Tyler H.



Absolutely the best customer service I have ever experienced! I was in real estate for over 10 years and have very high expectations. I would HIGHLY recommend them for all your needs.

Debbie K.



I'm glad I close all my loans with you. This is the best title company I've ever worked with. I recommend anyone to use them for all your title needs.

Eddie T.



They have handled about a dozen real estate transactions for me. Always efficient, courteous, professional and make it effortless on my part.

Kevin M.

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