Florida Snowbird 101

Florida Snowbird 101: 5 Things to Know About Winter in The Sunshine State

You are probably familiar with the term “snowbird.” By definition, snowbirds are those who hail from colder states to spend their winters basking in the southern sun. Although there are many states that offer attractive reprieves from the snow and icy winds, one of the more popular escape destinations is Florida for a snowbird. 

Does the Florida snowbird life call to you? If you are considering making the move for the winter months, the Venture Title Services crew has compiled a list of 5 important snowbird facts to know before you go. 

1. Florida’s Population Surges 

Did you know that Florida welcomes around one million additional residents who enjoy spending part of the year – at least a month – soaking up the sun in the Sunshine State? This influx makes Florida’s population about 5% higher than in other months. And that’s not even counting the 122 million tourists who visit each year, although they usually stay for shorter periods. 

2. Retirees Are In the Majority

Most snowbirds nationwide are retirees, which usually means they’re 50 to 69 years old. Generally, this demographic can hop between states since they’re not tied down to jobs back home. Plus, they often have the resources to own and care for multiple homes. Talk about living the dream!  

These snowbirds blend right in in Florida, where retirement is practically an art form. With a bustling retiree community and senior-friendly activities abound, they’re in for quite the treat! 

3. Snowbirds Stay For the Entire Winter Season 

In Florida, our snowbirds typically stay for the full season of October through April. Some may return home for the holidays, but they quickly return to finish out the winter months in the sun and sand! 

4. Southwest Florida Is A Top Destination

Snowbirds visit all parts of Florida; however, Southwest Florida cities are home to some of the more popular destinations including: 

  • Fort Myers 
  • Naples 
  • Davenport 
  • Destin 
  • Sarasota 
  • Clearwater  
  • Cape Coral  
  • Panama City Beach  
  • Palm Beach 
  • Boca Raton 

Impact on Housing

The Florida real estate is on fire for a good reason: with stunning beaches just a stone’s throw away, the population is booming. Snowbirds tend to settle in certain areas, which can increase the demand for housing across the state. However, when they’re not around, they often rent out their homes, adding to the housing supply. 

Ready to Enjoy the Sunshine State?

Buying a house in Southwest Florida can be overwhelming for snowbirds if you don’t know the area or are in a different state during the process. That’s why having a trusted title company on your team, like Venture Title Services, is essential. We’re here to make the home-buying process in Southwest Florida safe, efficient, and stress-free. Contact us today!

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