Marketing Tips for Real Estate: The Ultimate Guide

Real estate, like many other industries, has been fundamentally changed by technology. New platforms and products can help you build your real estate business in new ways, but that doesn’t mean that all traditional real estate marketing ideas have to be kicked to the curb. We have combined the best of both worlds to bring the ultimate guide to marketing for real estate professionals.

A new approach to marketing for real estate professionals 

Marketing used to consist of a one-sided push of information out to the masses but is now a two-way conversation with an engaged audience. Gone are the days of pushy salesmanship. Instead, strong photography and compelling writing tell your story and build your brand. 

Become a trusted resource

Content is one of the best tools you have to build your brand and earn the trust of your audience, while also entertaining and educating your consumers about what you do and why you do it. Rather than hoard your knowledge, share it. You will become a trusted resource to your potential client base, and be top-of-mind when the need for a real estate professional arises. 

  • Know Your Audience – Developing content is great, but if it is done without a strong strategy in place, it could be a wasted effort. This strategy begins with defining your audience – knowing who you are talking to will help to determine what you should be talking about and how you should be saying it.
  • Stand Out Among the Crowd – Since it is unlikely that you are the only real estate agent in your market, it is important that you differentiate yourself from your competitors.  Identify who you are and the solutions that you provide and then develop content that sets you apart from your competitors. 
  • Repeat, Repeat, and Repeat Again – Messaging about what you have to offer your prospective clients needs to be repeated over and over and over again.  Over time, consumers will begin to understand what you do and, more importantly, trust you to do it. 

Creating high-quality content, however, is pointless if no one will ever see it. Your website and social media platforms should offer helpful, useful, and relevant content that talks about your real estate services, and the solutions and resources that you provide.  

Amplify your message with social media

Social media marketing tips for real estate pros.

Social media may be the best – and the easiest – way to develop a personal brand, and advertise that brand to prospective clients. When done effectively, you can separate yourself from the competition and grow your business. 

While social media marketing requires some technical savvy, a touch of creativity, and time, it does not necessarily require a big budget. More than any other advertising mechanism, social media allows you to take control of your personal brand and tell your own story.  

Here are a few social media marketing tips that you can use to stay ahead of the competition, and in front of your prospective clients. 

  • Get started – Create a business page on Facebook and Instagram, rather than just using your personal profile to build your business. Be sure to update the information in the About section, make your contact information readily available, and include images, logos, and other visual representations of your business. (Pro Tip: With its considerable focus on design, decor, and lifestyle imagery, Instagram is a great match for real estate and neighborhood content.)
  • Share your content – By sharing content that is relevant and accurate, you demonstrate your value to the client and your knowledge of the real estate industry as a whole. Especially now when the pandemic is interfering in the home-buying process, your clients are in need of current information without a lot of salesmanship.
  • Be part of the conversation – Social media is only valuable if you use it to engage with your audience. It is not a place to post information and then never look at it again. Rather, social media is a conversation, so you must be responsive in a timely manner and stay part of the conversation.
  • Get creative – A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Absolutely, when it comes to real estate and social media. High-quality photography, virtual tours, and open houses are invaluable ways to reach a large number of people without driving all over town. Although you will probably still do a lot of that too!

Build your network

Real estate pros network marketing.

Especially if you are a new real estate agent, building your network may be the most important thing you do to grow your business. Networking events and participation in community organizations help you to grow and expand your business. Doing so enables you to create business partnerships, connect with experienced industry mentors, and develop mutually beneficial business relationships. 

In all aspects of marketing, consistency is key. A common mistake when networking is thinking that you only need to attend an event once. In reality, it requires interacting with the same group of people over and over to build relationships. Select groups, organizations, and activities that you enjoy so that participating as much as possible doesn’t seem like a burden. 

These marketing tips for real estate professionals can help you grow your personal brand on social media, and Venture Title Services can help you navigate your real estate closing transaction. Contact us today.

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